Can I use my own phone case with the SnapMount?

So the short answer is Yes! We have designed the SnapMount to be as simplistic and to be compatible with as many types of phones and cases as possible. We include a magnetic ring inside the box which can be attached to the inside or outside of your phone case and therefore allowing it to magnetise on the SnapMount charger.

However, we do not suggest use with thick cases or heavy cases. Cases such as wallet style flip cases that hold many cards are not suitable and will not work on the SnapMount. If your case is too thick you will find it will block the wireless charging connection between the phone and the charger. Depending on the thickness of the case, you may need to place the included magnetic ring on the outside of your phone case.

The other alternative is to use our custom SnapCase which has the ring built-in and offers excellent protection for your phone. The SnapCase is our solution to make sure that your phone case and the phone will be compatible with the SnapMount 100%.

Dec 12, 2020

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