What phones are compatible?

Our chargers are all wireless chargers and use Qi wireless technology. It is compatible with any phone is Qi wireless enabled, typically most of the latest flagship phones. Below is the compatibility list at the time of writing.

Apple: iPhone 8, 8Plus, iPhone X/Xs/Xr/Xs max
Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S10/S10Plus/S10e, S9/S9+, S8/S8+ , Note8/9, S6/S7/S7 Edge
Nokia Lumia 920
LG V30, G6, G4
Google Pixel 3/3XL
Google Nexus 6/5/4/7
All other Qi Wireless-enabled devices

Apple: iPhone 6/6s/7 iPhone 6Plus/7Plus - Your phone does not have built-in wireless charging. However, with our SnapCase you can enjoy our chargers and wireless charging! Please choose one of our bundles that include the SnapCase.